Session 58 | Geneva | 8-11 Dec 2015
Agenda Item 7. Global technical regulation on electric vehicles

15. The Chair of GRSP, co-Chair of the IWG on Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS), reported on the work progress (GRSP-58-11). He clarified that the UN GTR was expected to address unique safety risks posed by electrical vehicles and their components, in both normal and post-crash conditions. He added that it would provide the rationale for regulations, and set provisions and test protocols to ensure that the vehicle system and/or electrical components perform safely and that the vehicle occupants would be appropriately protected. He stated that while the IWG had been making good progress with the support of nine task forces, more discussion was required on some critical issues, including the more recent proposals on which research was still ongoing. He explained that, thus, the IWG had discussed the most appropriate way to establish the UN GTR within the given mandate and had agreed that the only feasible scenario was a two-step approach. Furthermore, this implied that Phase 1 of the UN GTR would cover near-term critical safety requirements, on which Contracting Parties would be expected to reach an agreement under the given mandate. He continued to say the remaining safety requirements that require long-term research as well as further improvement of the UN GTR would be covered in Phase 2. He concluded that WP.29 had recently approved a one-year extension of the mandate until the end of 2016. Future 2016 meetings of the IWG had been scheduled as follows: (i) tenth meeting would be held from 29 February to 4 March in Japan, (ii) eleventh meeting would held in June 2016 in North America and (iii) twelfth meeting scheduled in October 2016 in Europe.

GRSP-58-11 | Report to GRSP on the work of the Informal Working Group on Electrical Vehicle Safety in the context of the 1998 Agreement (USA)