Session 6 | Seoul | 18-20 Nov 2014
Agenda Item 4. Update on ongoing and planned research and rulemaking activities

Mr. Gorney from USA (NHTSA) presented the status and results of REESS safety research in United States. This is an on-going research. The first phase is completed with some limited data and draft test procedures. The next phase is to validate the test procedures and to generate additional test data. (These tests could extend beyond 2015). The summary presentation was on sequential vehicle system tests and BMS Performance including DC Level 3 Fast Charge, Single Cell Thermal Runaway Initiation, Comprehensive Vehicle System Test and several others. The presentation and draft copies of the test procedures are posted on the UNECE EVS website. In addition, Mr. Gorney informed that a workshop on stranded energy is planned for early next year and he suggested that it could be combined with the next EVS meeting in Washington D.C. He also suggested that some of the research items may eventually be proposed as safety requirements for the GTR.)

Listing of EV and battery regulations and standards:
Mr. Kim who is representing the Korean battery industry made a presentation regarding their lithium ion battery R&D activities including industry status on Korean Government behalf.

Mr. Kim also kindly answered all the questions from IWG members with clarifications and justifications of each test requirements and test protocols.

EVS-06-22 | The activities of Li battery standardization in xEV in Korea (KBIA)
EVS-06-29 | Lithium Ion Battery (LiB) R&D and Standardization in Korea (KBIA)
EVS-06-33 | NHTSA draft BMS failure test mode report (NHTSA)
EVS-06-34 | NHTSA draft RESS isolation stress test procedures and report (NHTSA)
EVS-06-35 | NHTSA draft Single Cell Thermal Runaway Initiation (SCTRI) test prodedure and report (NHTSA)
EVS-06-36 | NHTSA draft Vehicle Sequential Testing after 5000 Mile Preconditioning test procedures and report (NHTSA)
EVS-06-37 | NHTSA draft Vibration and Thermal Cycling Test procedures and report (NHTSA)