Session 4 | Bologna | 5-6 Feb 2014
Agenda Item 3. Continuation of the Review of the Document
Task Force on Mechanical Coupling for Agricultural Vehicles | Session 3 | 25-26 Sep 2013

5.1 Swedish proposal (Document TFAC-03-13)

Mr Gunneriusson explained the proposal and the background. It was agreed that the participants shall review TFAC-03-13 for discussion and decision at the next meeting.

TFAC-02-13 | Draft text for mechanical couplings of agricultural vehicles (version 25 June 2013)
TFAC-03-04/Rev.1 | Agricultural vehicle couplings: Class q and r (CUNA couplings)
TFAC-03-06 | Agricultural vehicle couplings UN R55 revision: Definitions and tests
TFAC-03-08/Rev.1 | Agricutural vehicle couplings UN R55 revision: Tractor drawbars
TFAC-03-10/Rev.1 | Proposal of new class definitions for Annex 5 - chapter 6 of Regulation No. 55
TFAC-03-13 | Proposal of changes to the draft TFAC amendments to Regulation No. 55 (Sweden)
TFAC-03-14 | Proposal for Chapter 5 of the Draft ECE R 55 "agricultural couplings" (VDMA)
TFAC-04-04 | Minutes of the small group meeting on formulas and test procedure for agricultural towing devices
TFAC-04-07 | Discussion document on Swedish proposal for connector indicator (Dromone)
TFAC-04-09 | Italian proposal for Annex 5 of UN R55 concerning Clevis-type drawbar couplings and drawbar eyes (Italy)