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GRB Working Party on Noise 2019
GRBP Working Party on Noise and Tyres 2024
GRRF Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear 2018
IWGMU Informal Working Group on Noise Measurement Uncertainties 2023
STD Joint GRRF/GRB informal group on Special Tyre Definitions 2009
TA Task Force on Tyre Abrasion 2023
TAT Subgroup on Type Approval of Trailer TPMS 2021
TFST Task Force on Studded Tyres 2021
TFVS Task Force on Vehicle Sound 2023
TPM Informal Working Group on Tyre Pressure Monitoring 2008
TPMSTI Task Force on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and Tyre Installation 2021
TPMSTI-CI Task Force on Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Communication Interface 2020
TYREGTR Informal Group on the Development of a Tyre GTR 2019
WT Informal Working Group on Worn Tyres 2023