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Related Meetings : World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 183
Documentation Discussion/Report
The proposal in WP.29/2021/17 was adopted by the World Forum. Thirty-nine Contracting Parties out of the 56 applying UN R157 were present for the vote by AC.1. Thirty-seven voted in favor with zero against and zero abstaining.

20. The secretariat introduced the progress report on activities related to Automated Driving Systems and Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (WP.29-183-14).

27. The secretariat presented the list of main decisions adopted at the eighty-third session of ITC (23-26 February 2021). Decisions Nos. 26-28, 47-48 and 50 were emphasized as of particular importance to the work of WP.29.

28. In decision No. 26, the ITC “took note of the status of implementation of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Road Map that was launched at its seventy-fourth session and encouraged continuation of the work of the … WP.29 on the implementation of the framework document on the safety of automated vehicles … GRVA on regulating autonomous/automated and connected vehicles (incl. Artificial Intelligence) … as fostering regulatory and other activities in these areas would ensure the benefits that ITS could provide in terms of safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and traffic management”.

29. In decisions Nos. 27 and 28, the ITC noted with satisfaction that the ITS Road Map 2011–2020, which came to its conclusion in 2020, encouraged ITS activities linked to infrastructure and all transport modes and contributed to addressing ITS issues in an integrated approach, and on this basis and considering the importance of ITS in light of global mega trends, technological developments, and the ongoing transformation of the Committee and its Working Parties, welcomed and adopted the updated ITS Road Map for the period 2021–2025 that was developed in line with the Committee’s decision at its eighty-second session and thanked the secretariat for its timely preparation.

30. In decision Nos. 47 and 48, the ITC welcomed the establishment by WP.29 of the first set of UN Regulations on highly automated vehicles prepared by GRVA, and noted the limitation of the session of WP.29 and its subsidiaries as reaction on the COVID-19 impact and the United Nations financial crisis.

31. In decision No. 50, the ITC thanked Germany for the hosting of the DETA and noted the request of several delegations to finance the database through the ECE regular budget, but reaffirmed that due to lack of consensus, financing will continue to be implemented through alternative ways of contributions, pending further consultations.