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59. The Chair of IWG on EVE presented the status report introducing the latest activities of the group (GRPE-80-36). He highlighted the major progress made on battery durability during the last meeting of the IWG on EVE. He requested GRPE to consider GRPE-80-41 as draft request for authorization to develop a new UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability, as amended in Annex X.

60. The representative from OICA noted that the timeline in GRPE-80-41 had changed to deliver a first draft of the new UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability and sought further information. The Chair of the IWG on EVE clarified a more aggressive timeline was agreed within the IWG on EVE taking into account the urgency of the issue and also bearing in mind that the topic is new and most provisions would need to start from a blank sheet as there is no precedent and no national legislation on this topic. The representative from OICA confirmed that developing new methods for simplified in-service conformity of battery durability might be challenging. The Chair of the IWG on EVE suggested existing range determination approaches might be used as a proxy for battery deterioration.

61. GRPE adopted the proposal to request authorization for a new UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability and requested the secretariat to submit Annex X to WP.29 and AC.3 for consideration and vote at their June 2020 sessions as draft request for authorization to develop a new UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability.

62. The Chair of the IWG on EVE finally thanked the secretariat for organizing a meeting with the leadership team of the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency (GEEE) and the representatives of the Geneva region to initiate joint activities on the method to state energy consumption of EVs.

63. GRPE acknowledged the progress made by IWG on EVE and noted the request for a meeting room for one day during the GRPE week in June 2020.

70. The Chair introduced GRPE-80-04-Rev.1 as the GRPE list of emission topics that GRPE would regularly discuss and may decide to work on if and when resources are available. He reminded this list did not constitute a declaration of intent that the topics included would be tackled by GRPE in the future. He also recalled that keeping such a list open and regularly updated would allow GRPE to be more reactive when new issues arose and ready to cover new topics when pertinent. He reiterated GRPE-80-04-Rev.1 was to remain an GRPE internal document for its own use and information.

71. The representative from OICA requested more information about brake wear emissions topics and how to tackle this topic and by which GR. He also asked whether a more extensive definition of geofencing was available. The representative from EC thought brake emissions would preferably be considered at a vehicle scale and would preferably be considered in GRPE. The Chair emphasized that there would be close cooperation with other GRs working on brake issues, and confirmed GRPE was the appropriate GR to develop the new provisions on brake wear emissions.

72. The representative from India requested more clarity about the destination of the potential items, whether UN Regulation or UN GTR. The Chair clarified that the emission topic list was a starting point and its aim was not to contain any prescription on to which agreement each topic would go.

73. The representative from Spain asked whether the inclusion of life cycle analysis was referring to all vehicle and energy types. The Chair replied that life cycle analysis was still a nascent activity where legislative pathway still had to be defined. New energy types for vehicles needed to have a broad coverage, and he felt GRPE was not in a position to work on this yet.

74. The Chair introduced GRPE-80-05-Rev.2 as the draft list of priority for GRPE that WP.29/AC.2 requested each GR to send so that the coordination of tasks could be better overseen by WP.29/AC.2.

75. The representative from the Netherlands thanked the Chair for putting together this list and insisted that cars were more and more becoming computers on wheels and that vehicles would therefore evolve over their lifetime through software updates for example and that the issue of lifetime compliance was of high importance in his view.

76. The representative from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland insisted tyre wear particulates and heavy duty hybrids were two areas of particular concern for his country and was happy to see those topics reflected in the list.

77. GRPE adopted GRPE-80-05-Rev.2 as amended during the session (GRPE-80-05-Rev.3) and requested the Chair and secretariat to send it to WP.29 secretariat for further consideration by WP.29/AC.2.