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51. The Chair of the IWG on Electric Vehicles and the Environment (EVE) presented a status report on the ongoing activities of the group (GRPE-77-28) under the three areas of work. First, he explained the ongoing work on GTR development for the test procedure to determine power of electrified vehicles He requested input from GRPE on whether this work should be done as an annex to the UN GTR No. 15, as a standalone UN GTR or as a new part to UN Regulation No. 85. The experts from Sweden, UK and EC supported to have a standalone UN GTR, with the expert from the Netherlands further added that such standalone UN GTR could be then serve as a basis for an amendment to UN Regulation No. 85. The expert of Japan stated their preference to keep the existing mandate to have power system determination as an annex to UN GTR No. 15. The expert from OICA introduced GRPE-77-07 highlighting the strong connection between system power determination and UN GTR No. 15. The Chair of the IWG on WLTP informed GRPE that all options would be manageable without a need for substantially more resources. GRPE decided to consult AC.3 and the best way forward.

52. Second, he reported on the continuous research on battery durability and referred to activities from the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on a battery life parameterized simulation model validated by on-road testing (led by Canada). He highlighted that the final recommendations, likely to be prepared until 2019, would include a recommendation to seek authorization for relevant additional activities such as UN GTR development or may recommend concluding the topic. The expert from EC supported the development of a UN GTR on durability as this is a priority for EU legislation and as it is not covered by European legislation for the moment.

53. Third, he informed GRPE that the IWG on EVE had made a presentation to the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency (GEEE) to seek their partnership on the project to assess upstream emissions from electric vehicles, that GEEE had been receptive to the idea and endorsed the proposal for the Group of Expert on Cleaner Electricity Production (CEP) to consider this work, with the support of the IWG on EVE. The Secretary agreed to follow-up with colleagues from ECE Energy Division on the matter.

54. GRPE acknowledged the progress of the IWG on EVE and agreed to have all three areas of work presented in one single package at the next session of GRPE in January 2019. GRPE noted the request for a meeting room for half a day during the GRPE week in January 2019.