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38. The expert from Japan introduced GRSP-62-05, removing the reference to the bending moment of the axial compressive force. GRSP adopted the proposal as reproduced in Annex VIII to the session report. The secretariat was requested to submit the proposal to the June 2018 sessions of WP.29 and AC.1 as draft Supplement 1 to the original version of UN Regulation No. 137 and as draft Supplement 1 to the 01 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 137.

39. The expert from OICA introduced GRSP-62-14, as an alternative proposal to ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2017/27 tabled by the expert from EC, concerning the information in the airbag warning label on the correct installation of CRS on a passenger seat with an activated frontal airbag. He suggested that the proposal should be adopted as a new series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 16 (Safety-belts) instead of a Supplement and to regroup these kind of requirements in UN Regulation No. 16 only. He also underlined the problem of translation in all languages of the detailed information, which makes reference to the warning, that should be contained in the owner’s manual.

40. The expert from Australia explained that his country requires vehicles to be fitted with an airbag warning label through a national rule that requires vehicles to meet UN Regulation No. 94. He added that although his country also had a national rule that incorporates UN Regulation No. 16, this rule does not require vehicles to meet the airbag warning label requirements of UN Regulation No. 16. Therefore, he stated that removing the requirement for an airbag warning label from UN Regulation No. 94 would create a loophole, which would allow vehicles to be supplied to the Australian market without any airbag warning label.

41. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on this subject at its May 2018 session. The secretariat was requested to distribute GRSP-62-14 with an official symbol at the next session awaiting a possible revised proposal submitted by the expert from OICA.