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52. The expert from Japan, on behalf of the new IWVTA Ambassador of GRSP, informed GRSP about the progress of the IWVTA IWG. He added that IWG had started its work on Phase 2 in May and had conveyed some proposals to the November 2018 session of WP.29. He clarified that WP.29 had agreed on the proposed “road map for IWVTA Phase 2”, inviting all GRs to review “candidates of UN regulations to be added to Annex 4 of UN Regulation No. 0”. He clarified that GRSP was asked to decide on the priority of six candidate UN Regulations, Nos. 44, 129, 134, 135, 137, and 145. He reported that the new IWVTA Ambassador had already prepared a plan including priority of the candidate items to be discussed with interested parties of GRSP prior to the May 2019 session of GRSP. He finally encouraged GRSP experts to contact him to participate in the above-mentioned preparatory work.