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Related Meetings : Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 78
Documentation Discussion/Report

42. The expert from Sweden presented GRRF-78-43, supporting GRRF-78-05 submitted by the LKAS small drafting group, introducing definitions and related LKAS requirements in to UN Regulation No. 79. The expert from OICA introduced GRRF-78-11 amending GRRF‑78‑05 and revising the warning requirements for the driver in the case that their attention to the task of steering could not be assured. GRRF agreed to resume discussion at its February 2015 session based on revised proposals.

43. The experts from Japan and Sweden presented GRRF-78-14 amending UN Regulation No. 79 aimed at (i) starting a discussion on the removal of the speed limitation for the Automatically Commanded Steering Function, (ii) introducing safety functions such as warnings and (iii) introducing On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) requirements permitting to verify the correct operational status of Electronic Systems assisting the steering. A number of GRRF experts considered some of those requirements to be design-restrictive. The Chair noted that the proposal was beyond the usual mandate of GRRF and he announced his intention to seek the guidance of WP.29 at its November 2014 session.

44. GRRF requested the secretariat to keep GRRF-78-14 as a reference document on the agenda, inform the IWG on ITS about this proposal and distribute GRRF-78-05 with an official symbol for consideration at the next GRRF session.