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The World Forum has engaged in an exchange of views over the possibility of establishing a common system of product markings (mainly within the context of lighting products and tires) through the GTR process. At the November 2010 session, the Forum decided to set this item in abeyance for 2011 unless a new reason appears to reopen the discussion. At the same time, the Forum's DETA group (which is pursuing a data exchange system for type approval information) wishes to keep open the possibility for eventually including information from non-type-approval (e.g., self-certification) nations.
World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 151 | 22-25 Jun 2010
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105. The representative of the Russian Federation introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2010/83 proposing a global marking in the gtrs with a similar structure and requirements as those of the UNECE Regulations.

The representative of OICA, also on behalf of IMMA and GTB, introduced WP.29-150-20 and WP.29-151-08 proposing the harmonization of only technical markings. He underlined that a global certification mark would not be usable due to the inherent nature of the 1998 Agreement, which among others does not address the certification process and which cannot ensure that all global technical regulations are implemented in the same way in all the Contracting Parties. He suggested that, in order to overcome these difficulties, a possible solution could be that individual products would carry, instead of a certification mark, a unique identification code, through which all certification data could then be obtained in a global database of certified products, linked to the DETA database.

The representative of CLEPA stated that his organization would oppose to any limitation or regulatory restriction on product marking affecting trademark or manufacturer brands, etc.

The secretariat was requested to distribute WP.29-151-08 with an official symbol for consideration at the November 2010 session.

106. The representative of ETRTO stated that his organization did not need harmonization of technical markings. He proposed a possible system for a global administrative marking in the draft gtr on tyres (WP.29-151-03).

The representative of the United States of America underlined that marking should be clear enough for the customs services. He added that, according to the law of his country, the manufacturer putting the mark on the product would be considered responsible for the safety performance of the product over its entire useful life.

107. AC.3 agreed to resume discussion of this subject at its next session for a final decision. The Chair invited all delegates to reflect on a possible optional marking in gtrs.

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