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Related Meetings : Simplification of Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations | Session 9
Documentation Discussion/Report

Mr. Draper introduced document SLR-09-02/Rev.1 providing a comprehensive overview of the objectives, the challenges and the proposed work plan on the basis of the latest agreed approach.

The document was reviewed carefully by the participants, especially slides 5 and 6 which provide a clear overview of the 2 stage approach agreed by the SLR group.

The participants acknowledged the need for WP.29 to adopt the pending proposals (see doc. SLR-09-04) at its March 2017 session in order to take them into account in the stage 1 of the simplification process and making consolidation version of Regulations.

Mr. Gorzkowski recommended to merge also the 3 Light Sources Regulations into one to show that the group is really committed to simplify the existing Regulations.

Considering the advanced stage of progress for the simplified light source Regulations and the associated Resolution, Mr. de Visser recommended to keep them separate without causing any delay to their adoption.

The meeting recognized that it could be worth merging the light source Regulation but, for the time being, the SLR agreed to keep them separate.

The Chairman will use part of this presentation to discuss the SLR approach at the upcoming WP.29/AC.2 120th session on 7 March 2016, right before the 168th WP.29 session.

According to the reactions from AC.2 it will be decided how to present the 2 step approach to GRE. Tentatively the latest version of document SLR-09-02/Rev.1 could become an informal document for GRE-75.

Note: the SLR presentation submitted to GRE-75 is now available as informal document GRE-75-05.