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Report of the 178th session of the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations

In addition to the searchable version below, you can also download copies of the report from the meeting documents.

4.9.6. Proposal for Supplement 1 to the 01 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 138 (Quiet road transport vehicles) ["Uniform provisions concerning the approval of Quiet Road Transport Vehicles with regard to their reduced audibility (QRTV) This Regulation requires an \"audible vehicle alerting system\" (AVAS) to reduce the risk of collisions with vulnerable road users unable to aurally detect the presence of electrified vehicles. Quiet Road Transport Vehicles Quiet Road Transport Vehicles UN Regulation No. 138 UN R138"] ["WP.29/2019/55 | Proposal to<ol class=\"alpha\"><li>exempt hybrid vehicles that do not provide valid test results (e.g., internal combustion engine active under test conditions)</li><li>clarify the text concerning permissible AVAS operating conditions</li>to differentiate indoor and outdoor facility requirements (e.g., weather station requirement) and</li><li>update flowcharts in Annex 3 in line with text.</li><li>add a footnote to the scope to exempt electrified vehicles where the internal combustion engine (ICE) operates under the test conditions</li><li>clarify the intention of paragraph 6.2.:<ul><li>that AVAS may be operational outside the specified speed ranges (e.g., in the USA where the speed range extends to 30 km/h),</li><li>align maximum sound with UN R51.03 ASEP, and</li><li>explicitly specify that the AVAS may function even when the ICE is running</li></ul><li>clarify under paragraph 6.2.6. that a manufacturer may install an attenuation to enable the system to operate at different sound levels</li><li>split and clarify indoor and outdoor testing specifications under Annex 3 paragraph 2.2. to account for different needs such as a weather station</li><li>amend the flowcharts in the Annex 3 Appendix to better reflect the regulation text</li><li>align the transitional provisions in the 01 series of amendments with the format introduced following Revision 3 of the 1958 Agreement.</li></ol>"]