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Icon un blue Meetings of the World Forum and its subsidiary bodies

Please find below the list of meetings relevant to UN R62 Handlebar Vehicle Unauthorized Use. This list includes informal group sessions as well as GR and Forum sessions where Handlebar Vehicle Unauthorized Use was on the agenda. Click on each link to access more information about the meeting session

Date(s) Description Location Documents
9-13 Apr 2018 General Safety (GRSG-114) Geneva 46 9 Apr 2018
9-12 Oct 2018 General Safety (GRSG-115) Geneva 64 9 Oct 2018
11-15 Mar 2019 World Forum (WP.29-177) Geneva 92 11 Mar 2019
8-12 Apr 2019 General Safety (GRSG-116) Geneva 64 8 Apr 2019
8-11 Oct 2019 General Safety (GRSG-117) Geneva 82 8 Oct 2019
9-12 Mar 2020 World Forum (WP.29-180) Geneva 82 9 Mar 2020