Session 5 | Brussels | 13 Oct 2015
1. Welcome and opening remarks
2. Introduction of participants and organisations
3. Adoption of the agenda
SLR-05-14/Rev.1 | Draft agenda for the 5th SLR informal group session
4. Approval of the report of the previous session
SLR-04-15 | Report of the 4th SLR informal group session
5. Draft revised timeline
SLR-05-12 | Updated SLR informal group timeline
6. Draft revised Terms of Reference
SLR-05-12 | Updated SLR informal group timeline
GRE/72 | Report of the Working Party on Lighting and Light-Signalling (GRE) on its 72nd session
SLR-03-14 | Report of the third SLR informal working group session
7. Draft proposal for common administrative provisions as Resolution document
SLR-05-13/Rev.1 | Working draft resolution on common provisions for lighting, light-signalling and retro-reflecting devices for a type to be approved
8. Draft simplified R-48
SLR-05-15 | SLR informal group simplified UN Regulation No. 48
9. Draft simplified R-7
SLR-05-16 | SLR informal group simplified UN Regulation No. 7 Simplified lighting regulation superseding document SLR-04-02/Rev.1.
10. Next steps
11. Any other business
GRE-74-17 | Proposals to clarify UN Regulation No. 99 and amend the draft resolution on common light source specifications Proposal from the Informal Working Group “Simplification of the Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations” (SLR) to clarify the content and amendment process of the light source Regulations.
GRE-74-18 | Clarification on simplification of light sources regulations
12. Next meeting(s)
13. Adjournment