Session 1 | Geneva | 10 Jun 2015
1. Welcome and introductions
VIAQ-01-14 | Participants list from the first VIAQ informal group session
VIAQ-01-02/Rev.2 | Draft agenda for the first VIAQ informal group session
2. Approval of the report of the previous session
VIAQ-00-05 | Draft minutes of the VIAQ informal working group kickoff session
3. Explanation of the WP.29 Mandate and VIAQ Terms of Reference
VIAQ-01-05 | VIAQ informal group mandate and terms of reference presentation
4. Presentations by Government, Industry and NGOs regarding VIAQ
4.1. Korean standards
VIAQ-01-07 | Introduction VIAQ Test Method in Korea
4.2. Chinese standards
VIAQ-01-08 | Introduction to VIAQ standards in China
4.3. Russian standards
VIAQ-01-10 | Draft version of a proposed Eurasian standard on vehicle interior air quality
4.4. ISO standards
VIAQ-01-11 | Overview of ISO 12219 on interior air of road vehicles
4.5. OICA/ACEA position
VIAQ-01-13 | OICA presentation on vehicle interior air quality
4.6. Comparison of measurement methods
VIAQ-01-12 | OICA task force presentation on vehicle interior air quality
VIAQ-01-17 | VIAQ: Comparison of measurment methods Table prepared by the VIAQ informal group during its first session.
5. Work items
VIAQ-01-04 | Draft list of VIAQ informal group work items
VIAQ-01-06 | Vehicle interior air quality informal group work items Proposals for VIAQ work, including discussion of ambient (new car) and driving (in-use) modes and of the various standards on interior air quality around the world.
VIAQ-01-03 | VIAQ mindmap: Ambient mode & Driving mode
6. Roadmap
7. Proposed Agenda/Topics for VIAQ IWG Next Meeting
8. Any other business
9. Adjournment