Session 6 | Tokyo | 12-14 Feb 2014
EC draft proposal for a GTR on propulsion unit performance requirement (EC)
05 Feb 2014 Informal Group Informal Documents L-vehicle Propulsion-unit Performance Requirements Motorcycle Propulsion Unit Performance Requirements for two- and three-wheeled light motor vehicles with regard to propulsion unit performance European Commission working draft for a GTR to evaluate the propulsion performance of two- and three-wheeled light vehicles:<ul><li>maximum design vehicle speed; a test procedure comprising of repeated test runs over a defined distance on a test track or road to determine the maximum speed a vehicle is able to attain under standard conditions;</li><li>net torque, net power; test procedures comprising of dynamometer runs at full load operation with measurements over a range of combustion engine and/or electric motor speeds to determine the maximum power and torque curves of the propulsion units;</li><li>maximum thirty minutes power: test procedure comprising of a test run at a constant power over thirty minutes to determine the maximum power an electric powertrain is able to produce over a thirty minutes period;</li><li>maximum continuous rated power, switch-off distance and maximum assistance factor: test procedure for light vehicles designed to pedal comprising of test runs on a test bench with measurements to determine the maximum continuous rated power, the driving distance with motor assistance after stopping to pedal (switch-off distance) and the maximum ratio of motor power to rider input power (assistance factor).</li></ul> EPPR-06-0016