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(Latest 5 December 2013)
1. Welcome and opening remarks
2. Introduction of participants and organizations
3. Adoption of the agenda
GTRQRTV-TF-02-01 | Draft agenda for the second GTR QRTV Task Force 01 informal subgroup session
4. Review and adoption of minutes last meeting
GTRQRTV-TF-01-05 | Draft report of the first GTR-QRTV Task Force session
5. Consideration and review of the key technical elements for the draft GTR
GTRQRTV-TF-02-07 | Working draft of the proposed GTR on sound requirements for quiet vehicles Proposed global technical regulation to establish "technical requirements for quiet road transport vehicles with regard to the sound emissions".
GTRQRTV-TF-02-03 | Investigations on the Detectability of Vehicle Sounds by Sighted, Visually Impaired and Blind Pedestrians Presentation on investigations into response times to vehicle sounds under various scenarios, including assessment of sound levels proposed in the NHTSA NPRM.
GTRQRTV-TF-02-05 | International regulatory specifications related to Audible Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) QRTV expert group chart comparing AVAS specifications and requirements across France, Spain,Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, China, the United States, and Japan.
GTRQRTV-TF-01-02 | Basic common technical requirements for audible vehicle alerting systems (AVAS) Initial list of technical requirements for low-sound vehicle alerting systems developed during the first session of the task force drafting specific language for the proposed GTR.
GTRQRTV-TF-02-02 | Principles and regional options for minimum vehicle sound provisions
6. Sketch framework for GTR
GTRQRTV-TF-02-06 | Working draft of the proposed GTR on sound limits for quiet road transport vehicles Working draft pursuant to the 2nd GTR for QRTV task force session (8-10 October 2013).
7. Any other business
8. Next meeting
9. Adjournment