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1. Welcome and introductions
REESS-10-07 | Attendance list from the 10th REESS informal group session
2. Adoption of the agenda
REESS-10-02/Rev.4 | Provisional agenda for the 10th REESS informal group session
3. Report on the 4th Electric Vehicle Safety informal group session
4. Report on the informal meeting on lithium battery testing
REESS-10-08 | Information on the UN working group on large lithium batteries Links to and list of documents from the Informal Working Group Meeting on lithium battery testing requirements held in Washington during October 2–4, 2013.
5. VPSD EV definitions
REESS-09-04 | Working draft of the proposed annex to RE3 on vehicle propulsion system definitions Draft document from the VPSD informal group for consideration by the REESS group.
6. Consideration of documents REESS-09-06 and -08
REESS-10-03 | "In-use" requirements for vehicles of category L (Part 1) – IMMA contribution to REESS 10th session
REESS-10-04 | IMMA comments on UN Regulation No. 100 Part II IMMA recommendations concerning the application of UN R100 to motorcycles
7. Water Immersion Test
8. Any other business