1. Welcome and introduction
2. Adoption of the agenda
3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
EPPR-04-05 | Summary presentation of the post-EPPR session telephone conference of 13 September 2013
EPPR-03-08/Rev.1 | Revised draft minutes of the 3rd EPPR informal group session
EPPR-03-09 | EC comments on the draft minutes of the 3rd EPPR informal group session
4. Report on EPPR Terms of Reference and rules of Procedure and EPPR mandate from GRPE
5. Contributions from stakeholders
EPPR-04-10 | Status of the overhaul of type-approval legislation in the European Union
EPPR-04-08 | Status of Japanese deliberations on L-category evaporative emissions test requirements Presentation on Japan's deliberations concerning motorcycle and similar 2-3 wheel vehicle emissions testing.
6. Proposals for new or amended GTRs and/or UN Regulations with regard to EPPR
EPPR-04-06 | Working draft of the proposed new regulation on two and three-wheeled vehicle emissions Working draft of the proposed global technical regulation on the measurement procedure for two- or three-wheeled light motor vehicle equipped with a combustion engine with regard to the crankcase and evaporative emissions.
7. Roadmap and project planning
8. Next meetings
9. Summary and conclusions
10. Any other business