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Latest Documents
4 Sep 2023 UN R48: Baseline document for Stage 2 simplification SLR-63-01/Rev.1
1 Sep 2023 SLR: Agenda for the 63rd (August 2023) informal group session SLR-63-03/Rev.1
1 Sep 2023 Topics for SLR Stage 2-Step 2 SLR-52-03/Rev.10
1 Sep 2023 UN R48: Collation of proposals for [09] series of amendments SLR-63-05/Rev.1
1 Sep 2023 UN R48: Proposal to amend para. SLR-63-09/Rev.1
31 Aug 2023 UN R53 and R74: Further simplification of definitions SLR-63-08
30 Aug 2023 UN R48: Addition of Annexes with summary tables SLR-63-07
30 Aug 2023 UN R48: Proposal to improve visibility of rearward-facing direction indicators SLR-63-06