GFV Task Force Heavy Duty Dual Fuel vehicles
31 Jan 2012 Informal Group Informal Documents Heavy-Duty Dual Fuel Retrofit Systems HD Dual Fuel Retrofit Systems Uniform provisions concerning the approval of Heavy Duty Dual-Fuel Engine Retrofit Systems (HDDF-ERS) to be installed on heavy duty diesel engines and vehicles Diesel and CNG/LNG Engine Emissions Diesel/CNG/LNG Engine Emissions Uniform provisions concerning the measures to be taken against the emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants from compression-ignition engines and positive ignition engines for use in vehicles Power Measurement of Internal Combustion Engines and Electric Motors Net Power Measurement Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Internal Combustion Engines or Electric Drive Trains Intended for the Propulsion of Motor Vehicles of Categories M and N with regard to the Measurement of the Net Power and the Maximum 30 Minutes Power of Electric Drive Trains Liquefied Petroleum and Compressed Natural Gas Retrofit Systems LPG/CNG Retrofit Systems Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of: I Specific LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases) Retrofit Systems to be Installed in Motor Vehicles for the Use of LPG in their propulsion system II. Specific CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Retrofit Systems to be Installed in Motor Vehicles for the Use of CNG in their propulsion system Status report of the HDDF task force for presentation to the Working Party on Pollution and Energy during its 63rd session. GFV-17-0005
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