Session 13 | Web conference | 24 Sep 2020
Agenda for the 13th Lighting Substitutes/Retrofits Task Force session
21 Sep 2020 Informal Group Agenda Filament Lamps Filament Lamps Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Filament Lamps for Use in Approved Lamp Units of Power-driven Vehicles and of their Trailers Light-Emitting Diode Light Sources LED Light Sources Uniform provisions concerning the approval of light emitting diode (LED) light sources for use in approved lamp units on power-driven vehicles and their trailers Road Illumination Devices (RID) Road Illumination Devices (RID) UN Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of road illumination devices (lamps) and systems for power-driven vehicles Resolution on the common specification of light source categories (RE 5) RE 5: Resolution on light sources TFSR-13-0001/Rev.1