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Session 8 | Bonn | 10 Dec 2019
Session Documentation

Date Reference Description Status
05 Dec 2019 TFSR-08-03
Draft light-source technical requirements
Informal Group Informal Light-Emitting Diode Light Sources LED Light Sources Uniform provisions concerning the approval of light emitting diode (LED) light sources for use in approved lamp units on power-driven vehicles and their trailers Resolution on the common specification of light source categories (RE 5) RE 5: Resolution on light sources TFSR-08-0003
05 Dec 2019 TFSR-08-02
Proposal to make R37 technology neutral by another technology (LED)
Informal Group Informal Filament Lamps Filament Lamps Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Filament Lamps for Use in Approved Lamp Units of Power-driven Vehicles and of their Trailers TFSR-08-0002
05 Dec 2019 TFSR-08-01/Rev.1
Agenda for the 8th Substitutes and Retrofits Task Force session
Informal Group Agenda TFSR-08-0001/Rev.1