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Date Reference Description Status
23 Oct 2012 EVS-02-08
US DOE: EV Safety Lessons Learned from Vehicle Evaluations
Informal Group Informal Electric Vehicle Safety Electric Vehicle Safety US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy presentation on its Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity monitoring program and database covering 17,000 electric vehicles in the US.
13 May 2014 EVS-05-09
DOE Research on Technologies Relating to Electric Vehicle Safety
Informal Group Informal Electric Vehicle Environmental Performance Electric Vehicles & the Environment Presentation on US Department of Energy research into electric vehicle safety, including battery safety and recharging systems.
06 Feb 2018 GTR13-02-16
U.S. DOE Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Program Overview
Informal Group Informal Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Vehicles Global technical regulation on hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle safety Hydrogen Fuel Cell Safety Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles and their components with regard to the safety- related performance of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles Update on US Department of Energy research and development activities