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23 Mar 2021 BMFE-13-04
UN R107: Plastic film validation in Germany
Informal Group Informal Construction of Coaches and Buses Coach and Bus Construction Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Category M2 or M3 Vehicles with regard to their General Construction
22 Apr 2021 PTI-21-02
Ensuring life time performance of Advanced Driver Assistant Systems: Risk Analysis of Lane Keeping Assistant Systems
Informal Group Informal Automated Driving Systems Automated Driving Automated Vehicle Periodic Technical Inspections Automated Vehicle PTI PTI: Whole Life Compliance PTI: Whole Life Compliance
22 Apr 2021 STCBC-06-06
Bus child restraint system test matrix
Informal Group Informal Child Restraint Systems for Buses and Coaches Bus and Coach CRS To be determined. This issue is currently under discussion within GRSP.