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23 Jan 2018 GRSG/2018/7
UN R43: Proposal for Supplement 8 to the 01 series of amendments
Working Party Working Safety Glazing Materials Safety Glazing Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Safety Glazing Materials and their Installation on Vehicles Proposal to amend Annex 7 (laminated-glass panes), inserting a new paragraph 6. to allow optional 2,260 g ball test and headform test for laminated-glass panes. The proposal aims to amend UN R43 to enable the approval of the laminated-glass panes with improved mechanical properties, especially as designed for front, exterior, forward-facing glazing of the upper deck of a double-deck vehicle.
13 Sep 2018 GRB-68-23
Snow tyres provisions: status report
Working Party Informal Tire Rolling Sound Emissions, Adhesion on Wet Surfaces, and Rolling Resistance Tire Noise, Wet Adhesion, and Rolling Resistance Uniform provisions concerning the approval of tyres with regard to rolling sound emissions and/or to adhesion on wet surfaces and/or to rolling resistance