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Date Reference Description Status
15 Feb 2018 GRRF-86-38
IWVTA: Status report to GRRF
Working Party Informal International Whole Vehicle Type Approval System (IWVTA) International Whole Vehicle Type Approval UN Regulation No. 0 on uniform provisions concerning the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval
04 Nov 2018 ASEP II-10-09
ASEP under UN R41.04
Informal Group Informal Motorcycle Noise Motorcycle Noise Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Motor Cycles with regard to Noise
27 Nov 2018 BMFE-05-16/Rev.1
UN R118: Influence of adhesive agent in samples
Informal Group Informal Burning Behavior of Interior Materials Material Burning Behavior Uniform Technical Prescriptions Concerning the Burning Behaviour of Materials Used in the Interior Construction of Certain Categories of Motor Vehicles