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Proposal for a draft resolution with guidance on Artificial Intelligence in the context of road vehicles
Document GRVA/2023/17
10 July 2023
Submitted by OICA
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3. | Artificial Intelligence in vehicles

6. The representative of OICA presented the proposal for a draft resolution with guidance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of road vehicles (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2023/17, as amended by GRVA‑17-04), prepared together with the support of the secretariat. The proposal included a preamble, definitions on AI in the context of vehicle regulations, a review of AI use cases in vehicles and the potential impact of AI on the News Assessment/Test Method for Automated Driving.

7. The delegations from Canada, the European Commission, France, Germany (GRVA-17-26) and the United States of America provided comments. The representatives of AVERE, ITU and FIA supported the document. The representative of OICA submitted GRVA-17-04/Rev.1, a revised proposal including the comments received. Following bilateral discussions during the week, the representative of OICA submitted
GRVA-17-04/Rev.2, as the final outcome of all consultations during the week.

8. GRVA agreed to transmit ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2023/17, as amended by GRVA-17-04/Rev.2, to the WP.29 November 2023 session as an informal document for information and for guidance on the next steps under this agenda item.

3. | Artificial Intelligence in vehicles

7. The expert from OICA presented GRVA-16-04, a position paper of the industry regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the context of vehicle regulations, for creating software or for automating testing. He stated that the WP.29 regulations produced so far were still effective, also for AI and Machine Learning (ML) as currently used in vehicles.

8. The expert from ITU assessed the document as a good paper in the sense that it highlighted a good practice in terms of software development, testing, freezing and deployment.

9. The expert from Canada regretted that the position paper only considered the context of the 1958 Agreement. Separately, he stated that that technology neutral requirements were still preferable.

10. The expert from UK highlighted the challenge related to testing and assessing systems developed using machine learning algorithms. He acknowledged the relevance of the provisions developed by the IWGs on Functional Requirements for Automated and Autonomous Vehicles (FRAV) and on Validation Methods for Automated Driving (VMAD) but also noted the need for regulators to consider the specific challenges created by AI.

11. The expert from Japan raised potential concerns on the technology after deployment.

12. The expert from France welcomed the principle according to which software should be validated and then frozen. He noted the potential role of the IWG on VMAD to cover the specificity of that technology in terms of evolution over time and non-repeatability.

13. The expert from the European Commission highlighted the difficulties encountered while evaluating the technology in terms of “expandability” and highlighted the potential benefit of the In-Service Monitoring and Reporting (ISMR) pillar of the New Assessment/ Test Method (NATM).

15. The expert from ITU advised GRVA to consider the general ban of “online leaning features” in automotive products. He pointed out the potential negative impact of map data updates on the performance of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and ADS.

16. The expert from OICA stated that a major issue to be addressed was “poisoned data”.

17. GRVA reviewed the definitions in GRVA-16-05 prepared by OICA and agreed to resume consideration of this document at its September 2023 session.

18. GRVA resumed consideration of this agenda item later in this session’s week. The expert from OICA presented GRVA-16-48 (derived from GRVA-16-04), a document containing a draft resolution with guidelines regarding the use of AI in vehicles.

19. The proposal received clarifying questions and comments. The expert from UK offered initial reflections regarding the need to add provisions on training data in the document. The expert from Germany inquired whether recommendations would be too weak. The expert from the Russian Federation proposed to name the document a mutual resolution under the 1958 and 1998 Agreements.

20. GRVA requested the secretariat to distribute GRVA-16-48 with an official symbol at the September 2023 session of GRVA.

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