UN R134: Proposal for transposition of GTR 13 provisions
Document R134-08-02
12 January 2023
Submitted by OICA
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11. | UN Regulation No. 134 (Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Vehicles)

33. The secretary of the Task Force to transpose Amendment 1 of UN GTR No. 13 into UN Regulation No. 134, introduced GRSP-72-17. GRSP noted that material compatibility, the remote Thermal Pressure Relief Device (TPRD), conformity of production and other elements proposed by GRSP-72-17 were still under discussion in the Task Force.

34. GRSP agreed to resume consideration on the transposition of UN GTR No. 13, Phase 2 into UN Regulation No. 134 on a reviewed proposal drafted by the Task Force at its May 2023 session. The proposal was expected to be submitted as an official document by 20 February 2023.

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