About the new GAR website

27 December 2015

As you no doubt can see, we’ve launched a new version of the GlobalAutoRegs website. This new version opens the way for the development of new features and capabilities. At the same time, the scope of the changes means that there are places where the site may not run perfectly. Part of this has to do with the huge variety of devices, operating systems, and browsers used around the world. Each combination has its own way of delivering pages and there may be some configurations that raise problems. Part of this also involves differences between what we could test before launching the site publicly and how the site runs in production. As we have been running the site, we have noted a couple of unexpected behaviors that we are working to fix. Nonetheless, if you encounter any issues, please feel free to let us know so we can fix the problem.

We hope that you will find the new site useful in your work. We have tried hard to make GAR as user-friendly as possible. We have also added the possibility of supporting the site by purchasing a subscription. Technically, we are looking for contributions from those of you who use the site regularly, but we also know that how much and how often everyone uses the site differs greatly. So we leave it up to you to determine the value you get from having GAR available. Our hope is that contributions from all our users will add up to provide adequate resources for expanding our efforts and offering you more and better information in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for using the site. If there is anything you would like us to add or improve, we would welcome your comments and suggestions.

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