Active Safety
Related Groups
ACSF Automatically Commanded Steering Functions 2020
ACV Informal Group on Automated Connections Between Vehicles 2013
ADAS Task Force on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 2023
AEBS Automatic Emergency Braking for Category M1/N1 Vehicles 2021
AEBS-HDV Heavy Duty Vehicle Advanced Emergency Braking Systems Special Interest Group 2022
AEBS/LDWS Informal Group on Advanced Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning Systems 2013
AMEVSC Informal Group on an Alternative Method for Assessing Electronic Vehicle Stability Control Systems 2012
Ad Hoc AEBS Ad Hoc Group on Heavy Vehicle AEBS 2018
GRRF Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear 2018
GRVA Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles 2023
LKAS Lane Keeping Assist System Ad Hoc Group 2015
MVC Modular Vehicle Combinations 2020
UNR157 Special Interest Group on UN R157 2022