Session 69 | Web conference | 17-21 May 2021
Agenda Item 1. Adoption of the agenda

3. GRSP considered and adopted the agenda (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/1) proposed for the sixty-ninth session, the running order (GRSP-69-27), virtual meeting guidelines (GRSP-69-12) and the annotations (GRSP-69-33-Rev.1). GRSP informal working groups are listed in Annex XI of the session report.

GRSP-69-12 | GRSP May 2021 session: Virtual meeting participation guidelines
GRSP-69-33/Rev.1 | GRSP-69: Updated annotated provisional agenda for the May 2021 session
GRSP/2021/1 | Annotated provisional agenda for the 69th (May 2021) GRSP session