Session 80 | Geneva | 14-17 Jan 2020
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81. The representative from the Republic of Korea introduced GRPE-80-19 presenting Case studies on analysis of light duty vehicle exhaust gas control signal in Korea. The Chair thanked the representative from Korea for his interesting presentation and welcomed national initiatives on vehicle emissions control measurements to be presented at GRPE.

82. The representatives from the United States of America introduced GRPE-80-33 detailing the process being put in place in the United States of America to update Federal legislation on pollutant emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. He highlighted some innovative approaches could be put forward in the new legislation that might be of interest to GRPE. The representative from EC confirmed a similar process was also taking place in the EU to develop a new Euro 7/VII emission standard.

83. The representative from OICA asked more details about the process leading to the legal text. The representative from the United States of America confirmed the team from the Environment Protection Agency (US EPA) were performing the technical assessment and would put forward recommendations and explained political leadership would then determine the appropriate new standard. The representative from the United States of America proposed to provide a full overview of the work performed during the next session of GRPE in June 2020.