This agenda item relates to GTR No. 21 EV Power Determination.

56. No dedicated document on the development of the UN GTR on DEVP was presented to GRPE. An update on the development of the draft new UN GTR was included in GRPE-80-36 (see para. ‎0).

57. The Chair reminded that a draft UN GTR on DEVP was expected in January 2020. The Chair of the IWG on EVE said a draft UN GTR was available upon request and that the timeline to deliver a working document in time for the June session of GRPE remained unchanged.

58. The representative from India requested further information on the validation process of Test Procedure 1 (TP1) and Test Procedure 2 (TP2) in the draft UN GTR on DEVP, further asking whether TP1 and TP2 would remain equivalent when new hybrid powertrains architecture would be released on the market. The Chair of the IWG on EVE confirmed that the UN GTR on DEVP was written in such a way that provisions are not architecture-specific and should remain valid for all potential hybrid powertrain architecture types. The representative from OICA requested further details about the vehicle categories included in the scope of the draft UN GTR on DEVP. The Chair of the IWG on EVE highlighted that all the development and validation work had been done for light-duty vehicles, and that there had been no in-depth consideration of heavy-duty vehicles. He nevertheless presumed that the provisions drafted in the UN GTR would be valid for both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.