This agenda item relates to Enforcement and Compliance.

132. The representative of the Russian Federation reported on the efforts of the Russian Government to eradicate the sale of falsified parts on the market, including falsification based on fake approval communications. He highlighted cases of missing feedback by administrative bodies of contracting parties to the 1958 Agreement to requests of their Russian counterparts, particularly from the Dutch (Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer, RDW) and the Irish (National Standard Authority of Ireland) bodies. He drew attention to Article 5 of the 1958 Agreement, stipulating the rules on the exchange of type approval documentation.

133. The Chair of the World Forum thanked the representative of the Russian Federation for providing an update on the actions taken to prevent the circulation of non-compliant vehicle equipment and parts. He stated that the World Forum had taken note of the situation with the unrequited request for information described by the representative of the Russian Federation, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation and information sharing to eradicate non-compliant vehicle parts and equipment.