Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 76 | 9-12 Jan 2018

19. The expert from EC, leading the task force on the transposition of WLTP into the 1958 Agreement, GRPE-76-24 on the activities of his group with the development of three alternatives for the construction of a UN Regulation on WLTP, which were presented to the IWG on International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA). He recalled the task force’s intention to proceed with a new series of amendments (08) of the existing Regulations Nos. 83 on emissions, including, e.g. Real Driving Emissions (RDE) and that would refer to the new UN Regulation on WLTP to gain approval for tests Types 1 and 4.

20. GRPE discussed the possible alternatives to structure the future UN Regulation on WLTP to address regional specificities. GRPE decided to request the secretariat to consult the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) as noted in the Appendix of GRPE-76-24.

Informal Group on the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval System | Session 25 | 10 Nov 2017
GRPE-76-31 | IWVTA: Status report to GRPE (OICA)