Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
Agenda Item 18.3. GTR No. 3
This agenda item relates to GTR No. 3 Motorcycle Brakes.

128. The representative of Italy presented WP.29-170-07 proposing that AC.3 authorize the development of an amendment to GTR No. 3 under the sponsorship of his country, in order to align the provisions of GTR No. 3 and those of Regulation No. 78, to ensure electromagnetic immunity of ABS-systems, introduce ABS performance requirements for category 3-5 vehicles (three-wheelers), ensure uniform requirements for equipment such as Electronic Stop Signal System and the means to disable the ABS, if equipped on. AC.3 agreed with the proposal, invited GRRF to start working on these issues and requested the secretariat to distribute WP.29-170-07 with an official symbol for formal adoption at its March 2017 session.

WP.29-170-07 | Request for authorisation to develop an amendment to global technical regulation No. 3 (Italy)