Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
Agenda Item 8.5. Safer vehicles as the third pillar of the global plan for the decade of action for road safety

100. The secretariat presented the results of the World Forum for 2016 on the development of UN Regulations, UN GTRs and related activities to make vehicles safer (WP.29-170-17) in 2016. WP.29 adopted WP.29-170-17 and requested the secretariat to reproduce it as Annex III to the session report and to transmit it to the Inland Transport Committee (ITC).

101. The secretariat informed the participants about an initiative of the Special Envoy for Road Safety of the United Nations Secretary-General for a voluntary commitment from the automotive industry to only market vehicles fulfilling a minimum set of United Nations vehicle safety regulations.

WP.29-170-17 | UNECE Plan to implement the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020)
WP.29-170-28 | Information on initial UNECE and UNSG's Envoy for road safety consultations on possible industry self-commitment on minimum safety