This agenda item relates to 1968 Vienna Convention.

95. The secretariat of the Working Party on Road Traffic Safety (WP.1) informed the World Forum about the outcome of the October 2016 session of WP.1, in particular, on issues of common interest for WP.1 and WP.29. He mentioned that the amendment to the 1968 Convention had only limited progress on matters related to light installation for vehicles.

96. On the topic of automated driving, the secretariat of WP.1 reported on the joined informal session of WP.29/GRRF, IWG on ITS/AD and WP.1 experts which had been received as very useful from the WP.1 perspective. He expressed the wish of WP.1 to arrange such meetings on regular basis. Furthermore, he stated that additional amendments of the 1968 Conventions were needed to cover additional automated driving functionalities such as remote controlled parking. He also informed WP.29 about a study trip of WP.1 experts to a conference organized by NHTSA in California.

97. The Chair of GRRF, informed the secretariat of WP.1 on the decision taken by WP.29 to mandate regular joined meetings of WP.29/GRRF, IWG on ITS/AD and WP.1 experts (see para 39).