Session 160 | Geneva | 25-28 Jun 2013
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Agenda Item 8.8.
Meeting of the Informal Working Group on UN lithium battery testing requirements

90. Interested WP.29 representatives were invited to participate in the IWG meeting on UN lithium battery testing requirements, scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C. on 2–4 October 2013. More details about the meeting are available at the UNECE website. WP.29 representatives were informed that before registering for the meeting, they should get in touch with the Head of delegation of their country at the ECOSOC Sub-Committee. Upon request, the list of participants for the session of the ECOSOC Committee, with the head of delegations, could be obtained from the secretariat of the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Special Cargoes section. The secretariat was requested to transmit this information to the GRSP experts.