Session 160 | Geneva | 25-28 Jun 2013
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Agenda Item 17.6.
Draft GTR on Pole Side Impact (PSI)

115. The representative of Australia, Chair of the IWG, informed AC.3 that GRSP at its May 2013 session had recommended the draft UN GTR and the final report (see Annex 2 of ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/53) for adoption by AC.3 at its November 2013 session. He clarified that the draft UN GTR (WP.29-160-14) was submitted to the current session of AC.3 to initiate consideration for voting at the next session. Accordingly, he encouraged AC.3 representatives to undertake all preparations necessary to ensure a unanimous vote for the establishment of the UN GTR at the November 2013 session. He informed AC.3 that his country had already initiated the task of transposing the UN GTR into a UN Regulation, pending clarification from GRSP in December 2013, whether the UN GTR would be part of an amendment to UN Regulation No. 95 or a new UN Regulation.

116. The representative of Australia informed AC.3 (see para. 44 of this report), that the secretariat had prepared WP.29-160-36-Rev.1 amending the draft UN GTR, suggesting the removal of ISO references and other related changes, and recommended its adoption. AC.3 requested the secretariat to distribute WP.29-160-14 with an official symbol at its November 2013 session for consideration and vote, as amended by WP.29-160-36-Rev.1.