Session 59 | Geneva | 9-13 May 2016
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Agenda Item 12.
Regulation No. 22 (Protective helmets)

28. GRSP noted a study, tabled by the UNECE secretariat, on helmets aimed at improving the awareness of UN Regulation No. 22 worldwide by addressing two-wheeler user safety, including riders of bikes assisted by an electric engine (pedalex). The expert from IMMA supported these initiatives aimed at increasing worldwide protection of motorized two-wheelers.

29. The expert from France informed GRSP on current issue experienced by national police in identifying authenticity of type approval markings of helmets. The expert from Germany announced that his Government had performed an analysis on helmets sold in his country and that among, the issues identified were type approval markings. Therefore, he announced a presentation for the December 2016 session of GRSP to introduce the issue in detail.

GRSP-57-06 | Regulation No. 22 and electric bikes