Session 160 | Geneva | 25-28 Jun 2013
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Agenda Item 8.2.
Technical contribution on diesel exhausts emissions by GRPE

84. Referring to WP.29-160-19-Rev.1, the secretariat informed the World Forum on the emissions of air pollutants due to vehicles and engines, focusing on diesel exhaust emissions and providing an overview of the WP.29 activities carried out in this field. Following a recommendation by WP.29 in November 2012, GRPE had considered earlier versions of this document in January and June 2013. The secretariat clarified that WP.29-160-19-Rev.1 incorporates and addresses additional comments received after the June 2013 session of GRPE. The GRPE Chair supported the document. The World Forum endorsed WP.29-160-19-Rev.1 and agreed that the document should become part of the contribution of the Transport Division to the UNECE position on diesel exhaust emissions.

WP.29-160-19/Rev.1 | Emissions of Air Pollutants in Transport: An Overview