World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 160 | 25-28 Jun 2013
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Agenda Item 2.2.
Programme of work, documentation and calendar of sessions for the year 2014

21. The World Forum noted the revised programme of work and documentation (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2013/1/Rev.1). WP.29 representatives were invited to review the document and to communicate to the secretariat any amendments deemed necessary. The secretariat presented the list of informal working groups of WP.29 and its subsidiary Working Parties (GRs) (WP.29-160-01). WP.29 agreed to fix 31 December 2015 as the expiry date of the groups not having an agreed upon date. The secretariat presented the draft calendar of sessions for the year 2014 (WP.29-160-02). The World Forum agreed with the proposal to modify the autumn session of GRSG (30 September–3 October 2014). It was noted that the proposed calendar should be confirmed by UNOG Conference Services.

WP.29-160-01 | WP.29 Working Parties, Informal Working Groups, and Chairs as of 20 June 2013
WP.29-160-02 | Proposal for the meetings of WP.29, its GR and committees for 2014
WP.29/2013/1/Rev.1 | Revised Programme of Work of the World Forum|WP.29 and its Subsidiary Bodies