Session 62 | Geneva | 1-3 Sep 2015
Agenda Item 18. Provisional agenda for the sixty-third session

30. For its sixty-third session, scheduled to be held in Geneva from 16 (starting at 2.30 p.m.) to 18 (concluding at 5.30 p.m.) February 2016, GRB noted that the deadline for the submission of official documents to the secretariat would be 23 November 2015, twelve weeks prior to the session. The following provisional agenda was adopted:
1. Adoption of the agenda.
2. Regulation No. 28 (Audible warning devices).
3. Regulation No. 41 (Noise of motorcycles): Development.
4. Regulation No. 51 (Noise of M and N categories of vehicles):
(a) Development;
(b) Additional sound emission provisions.
5. Regulation No. 59 (Replacement silencing systems).
6. Regulation No. 92 (Replacement exhaust silencing systems for motorcycles).
7. Regulation No. 117 (Tyre rolling noise and wet grip adhesion).
8. Collective amendments.
9. Exchange of information on national and international requirements on noise levels.
10. Influence of road surface on tyre rolling sound emissions.
11. Quiet road transport vehicles.
12. Acronyms and abbreviations in Regulations under the responsibility of GRB.
13. Proposal for amendments to the Consolidated Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles.
14. Development of the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) system and involvement of the Working Parties (GRs) in it.
15. Highlights of the November 2015 session of WP.29.
16. Exchange of views regarding the future work of GRB.
17. Other business.
18. Provisional agenda for the sixty-fourth session.