Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 79 | 16-20 Feb 2015
Agenda Item 4.

17. The Secretary of the IWG on Regulation No. 55. introduced GRRF-79-03 presenting the proposal to restructure the Regulation, separating performance requirements from the application requirements to be included in a new annex. GRRF supported this idea. The Secretary of the group informed that a draft outline was proposed in the working paper R55-08-05.

18. The Chair of the IWG on Regulation No. 55 introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRRF/2015/14, partially addressing the mandate defined in the terms of reference to the group. He announced that further work would be necessary to deliver the remaining items expected. The Chair of GRRF agreed to inform WP.29 about the necessity to extend the mandate duration of the group. The proposal received some comments. The Chair of the IWG volunteered to prepare a revised proposal for the September 2015 session of GRRF.

GRRF-79-03 Update of UN Regulaton No. 55: Request for guidance concerning performance vs. requirements
GRRF/2015/14 Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 55
R55-08-05 Regulation No. 55: Text for modular vehicles and in-use requirements