Session 6 | Seoul | 18-20 Nov 2014
Agenda Item 3. Reports on UN activities

Relevant information from163rd and 164th Session of WP29 was verbally reported by Secretary. During the 163rd session the Chairman of the IWG EVS requested and obtained endorsement from the Executive Committee AC.3 and WP.29 to extend the mandate of the IWG for one additional year until the end of 2015. This would be the target date for submittal of a draft GTR to the 58th session of Working Party on Passive Safety, GRSP, in December 2015.

Ms. Chen of China, as vice chairperson of the EVE IWG, provided a summary of the 10th, 11th, 12th EVE sessions. She informed that the first phase has been completed. The EVE IWG has completed a reference guide that identifies gaps and areas that need further discussions or possible GTR efforts. The IWG has begun the second phase of the activity Reports from these meetings are available on the UNECE EVE website.