Session 7 | Beijing | 17-18 Oct 2013
Agenda Item 5. (a) Review first draft of reference guide

13. The Secretary presented document EVE-07-04 summarizing the objectives of the EV Reference Guide and major milestones or decision points. The presentation was followed by a line-by-line review of the first draft of the EV Reference Guide (EVE-07-03), at which time the Secretary also informed participants of comments that were submitted in advanced of the meeting. The presentation and line-by-line review generated substantial discussions for the development of a subsequent version of the guide. The following summarizes the major comments or changes for each section.

14. Section 1 – Introduction:
Many indicated that Section 1 did not accurately reflect the objectives of the terms of reference and also requested to specify the targeted audience in the document. Clarification of the mandate of the EVS (electric vehicle safety) and EVE working groups was also requested to be added into the document. Mr. Johan Renders of the European Commission also requested to further clarify that the Reference Guide would be a static reference, and specifically asked to replace “as it is today” in Section 1.2.1.

15. Section 2 – Reference Guide Design & Methodology:
There were no substantial comments on Section 2. Several participants (Korea, Canada) will send updated logos for inclusion in Figure 4.

16. Section 3 – Summary of Findings:
A number of Contracting Parties including the European Commission, China and Korea and Canada informed the Secretary of information that would be made available or that was omitted in Section 3 of the reference guide. The GRPE Chair requested that the maps in section 3 show the complete world map. Many also pointed to issues using the terminology of vehicle efficiency and suggested it is replaced by energy consumption. The European Commission representative also suggested to remove all references to WLTP as the mandate has not yet been established for subsequent phases of the IWG. Some industry representatives also offered to provide clarifications regarding industry and international standards. There was some discussion on the use of the term “RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System) versus battery system; it was decided that battery system would be the standard term used in the document. Similarly, there was discussion on how the terms “electric” versus “electrified” vehicle should be carefully used. Finally, the Secretary informed participants of a comment of general nature from the GRPE Chair to ensure items outside scope of WP.29 are properly identified throughout the document. The comment confirmed it was not an easy task and stressed the importance of close collaboration between EVE and other GRPE IWGs. The Chair of GRPE further highlighted the importance of EVE to the VPSD work as well.

17. Section 4 – Conclusions:
Many recommended to reconsider the scoring approach for the figures. Most felt it was not appropriate to score regulations differently from voluntary agreements or others. The previous comments regarding deleting WLTP references were also made for this section. The representative from the European Commission also offered to provide alternate wording.

18. Section 5 – Next Steps:
There were substantial discussions on this section. A number of industry representatives requested to delete figure 32 and accompanying text. It was also agreed to combine heating and cooling elements of electric vehicles in one recommendation. It was also agreed to move vehicle labelling to the appendix and to replace by a new item for energy conversion formula. There were also a number of changes requested for the recommendations on battery, including removing considerations for battery reuse and limiting scope of recycling to recyclability.

19. Section 6 – Annex:
There were no substantial comments or changes to this section.

EVE-07-03 | Electric Vehicle [Environmental] Regulatory Reference Guide: Draft 1
EVE-07-04 | Electric Vehicle (EV) Reference Guide-Draft 1: Summary, discussion and next steps