Session 5 | Tokyo | 10-12 Dec 2013
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Agenda Item 4.
Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Since the last official meeting in Washington, two TF meetings were held in absence of the Chairman. EU COM explained that the main tasks of these meetings were to determine options and to clean up the text. Nothing was deleted from the version after last official meeting. However, comments and clarification (after ISO review) where added and the text was rearranged in order to add clarity.

The timing for the final rule in the US has changed from January 2014 to March 2015. Transitional periods will start from that time onwards. US informed the group the work schedule of the IWG as included in the ToR needed to be revised as the mandate for the completion of a draft report was extended by AC3 to Nov 2015 (was Nov 2014). Latest by Feb 2015 a draft report must be presented to GRB for approval in order to prepare a working document for WP29 in Nov 2015 in time.

The GRB Chairman clarified that if the work of the group is completed in time as scheduled, the QRTV content can seamlessly be included in the EU legislation. EU COM added that so far, Annex 9 of R51 is in brackets, allowing discussion in GRB to continue. First revision to R51 be completed, leaving all open issues excluded that are still under discussion. This may result in introducing R51.03 without AVAS. EU wants to include AVAS in exterior Noise legislation in Europe, therefore COM must possibly request this for R51.